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Mother's Bracelets


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$30 per strand + 3 per letter + $1 per crystal

images show 5.5 MM and 4.5 MM letters

These very popular and beautiful bracelets are designed to display the names of your children or grandchildren. These bracelets are designed with high quality sterling silver and 14K gold-filled beads. You can get your bracelet in all  silver or silver and gold. Swarovski Crystal beads are used for displaying  the birth month.  You can choose either 5.5 MM letters or 4.5 MM mini letters. Choose a lobster clasp, toggle clasp, slide clasp, or elastic. 

Add a charm for $5 more. Charms commonly used for these bracelets are: baby footprints, heart and cross. Click "See charms" to display all charms available, then return to this page to key the name of the charm in the Special Instructions box.

For bracelet sizing, measure the wrist with a flexible tape measure and add one inch.

Each piece of jewelry comes with a sheer draw-string pouch, perfect for storing or gift giving. 

To describe the crystals to be on the bracelet, you can key either the month or the number that corresponds to that month.  (see Crystal Color Chart)

1    January (Garnet)
2    February (Amethyst)
3    March (Aquamarine)
4    April (Clear)
5    May (Emerald)
6    June (Light Amethyst)
7    July (Ruby)
8    August (Peridot)
9    September (Sapphire)
10  October (Rose)
11  November (Topaz)
12  December (Blue Zircon)



# of Strands ($30 per strand):     

Please key the Name and corresponding birth month (if crystals are desired) in a box together.  Max letters 17 regular or 22 mini.  Letters cost $3 each and crystals cost $1 each.  If you wish to describe what exactly you want, use the "Special Instructions" box at the bottom of this page.

1st Strand Name(s) and Birth Month(s):  

 # of Crystals ($1 each):     


2nd Strand Name(s) and Birth Month(s):  

 # of Crystals ($1 each):     


3rd Strand Name(s) and Birth Month(s):  

 # of Crystals ($1 each):     


4th Strand Name(s) and Birth Month(s):  

 # of Crystals ($1 each):     


 Total # of LETTERS used on ALL strands ($3 each):     

Letter size: 

Bracelet size


Add a Charm for $5.00   

Which Charm?:    See charms

Add a Polishing Cloth for $5.00

Special Instructions: